Bourbon Therapy

by Bourbon Therapy

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Bourbon Therapy is Aaron Skiles' debut solo album. It is a 12-song concept album that follows the story of a man who has struggled with relationships, substances, and the complexities of life. Despite his failures, he is determined to make things right. The songs are performed by a talented group of San Francisco Bay Area musicians.


released December 16, 2014

The album features the following artists…
Aaron Skiles--vocals, bass, piano, harmonica, guitar, keys, percussion
Alex Hillmer--guitars
Cesar Delly--drums
Devon McClive--cello
Eric Miranda--vocals, keys
Jack Kennedy--percussion
James Cole--voice over
James Levis--guitars
Josh Manion--vocals
Josh Silva--guitars
Justine Leichtling--violin
Loz Delaney--guitars
Pete Dosanjh--bass
Rebecca Skiles--vocals
Robbie Kimzey--guitars

Produced by Aaron Skiles. Co-Produced by James Levis. Engineered/Recorded/Mixed by James Levis. Mastered by Colin Christian at The Sound Saloon, Reno, NV. Artwork and album design by Jimmy Tran.

All songs written by Aaron Skiles except "Dear Lover" written by Mike Ness (Social Distortion), published by © Sony/ATV Tunes LLC.

All tracks recorded at Zoe Studios, San Francisco, CA by James Levis except piano recorded at Rosecrest Studios, Oakland, CA by Robbie Kimzey.

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all rights reserved


Bourbon Therapy California

Bourbon Therapy is a SF-based indie rock band that blends elements of Americana and pop to create tunes that'll get your feet tapping.

Their new album, Hymnals and Hangovers, will be released 9/9/16.

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Track Name: Left Behind
I thought that I was strong enough
What I didn’t realize is all the pain I held inside

I thought I’d been here long enough
What I didn’t keep in mind is all the trouble left behind
Track Name: Forever More
The clouds are starting to break
There’s nothing here I can’t take
And you’ll be by my side
Forever more

You’ve finally come around
You’d turned me upside down
But now I’m ready for this
Forever more

As darkness falls, I will be with you
And when you call, I will still be true

Because I see you clearly
And I need you
I will be forever
More with you

Forever more with you
Track Name: Lie, Cheat & Deal
When I play my cards I rarely play them well
Look at my face can’t you tell
I stack my chips, they barely pay the rent
So I’ll roam the streets again

As I walk this town you know I never get around
I just end up at your door
I’ll roll the dice again, maybe this time I’ll win
And if I don’t I hope you’re home

‘Cuz I don’t know
What I’ll do next time
I guess my plan is that I’ll…

Lie, cheat and deal

I scout a table where it looks like I might win
And I may sit down there again
I never know if luck is on my side
But I know I want to see you again
Track Name: Meet My First Wife
Meet my first wife
She’s looking nice
It’s true

But I can’t afford
To keep her happy
Might run away with you

Here’s my first wife
She made me happy once
But it’s not the case any more
It’s probably my fault
I’ve turned into a bore
I bet she thinks I’m chasin’ whores

I loved my first wife
She’s mighty fine
I know

I won’t do better
No matter
How far I go

Here’s my first wife
She made me happy once
It could probably happen again
There’s only one problem
I’m out here on the road
I think I might turn around
I know I want to turn around
I really am gonna turn around
Here I come, take me back
Track Name: Flailing Again
The pressures building up inside
But I don't think this time I can hide
I'll grab this bottle to help me through this time

Now your face appeared to me
Will you stay or will you flee
Because I don't think I can do this alone

From a place of darkness I will rise
Will you be there by my side
Or will I be alone

When I wake from this dream
Will you help me stop my scream
Or will I just drink this away

Because I'm flailing again

This is frightening to me
Because I've always felt so free
But now this pain is locked inside my head

Many years ago it seemed
That this was all I would need
Now I'm scared that you will leave

Because I'm flailing again
And this time might be the end
Because I'm flailing again
Please don't leave me my friend

Because I'm flailing again
Don't know if this will ever end
Yes I'm flailing again
Yes I'm flailing again
Track Name: 4 Kids, 12 Beers and a Ball Game
It’s Saturday night and I am all alone
Unless you count the 4 kids running ‘round my home

But I’ve got 12 beers
So I’ve nothing to fear

Their momma’s left me; she says that it’s my turn
She forgot the last time, won’t she ever learn?

Just 8 beers more
And I’ll be on the floor

I flip on the tube and much to my delight
I find a ball game on this Saturday night

Got 4 beers left
That’ll probably last me
‘Til the 5th

Now time has passed, must’ve been a good game
But momma’s home now, and she’s a bit insane

Got no more beers
4 kids in tears
I’ll be sleeping on
The couch
Track Name: Airport Drinking
I’m drinking, I’m waiting at the airport bar
I never imagined you’d be so far
That phone call, we just had, it hurt so bad
And if I wasn’t so drunk I’d be sad

Don’t wake me from my drunken state
It’s been so bad, I hope it’s not too late
I wish I wasn’t drunk, I’d rather be stoned
‘Cuz I can’t face this reality alone

While I stare down another drink I’m not here
How we got ourselves so far is really not clear
There’s a young thing smiling at me from across the bar
And if I leave here with her, you’ll be more than far
Track Name: 8 Signs (That You Need Therapy)
Everything I feel
Is so damn intense
Since the day my marriage failed
I’ve nothing but stress

My head it hurts
My stomach, feeling some pain
And the amount of beer I’m drinking
Is hard to explain

I read an article once, said I should see
Someone who’s trained in the field of therapy
All 8 signs pointing, it’s what I should do
But it won’t work for me, ‘cuz it’s not me it’s you

My boss at work
Wish he’d get off my back
And the things I used to like
Now I haven’t the knack

I used to be close to you
But now we are done
And my friends they are concerned
‘Cuz I’m no longer fun
Track Name: Love of My Love Life
It’s late at night and I’m not alone
Turn out the lights and switch off my phone
I don’t think I’ll be here long
But I’m going to enjoy it before I’m gone

You’re the love of my love life
And you’re right here next to me
What isn’t covered won’t be discovered
Now that my love is here with me

Although I travel much each day and night
When I’m with you it all seems right
Now I know that this just can’t be
But I’m having trouble convincing me

Because it seems that this is new
And there’s still so much to tell you
But it’s all so hard to explain
It’s been so good I can’t complain

Now that my love is here with me
Track Name: You Are Here
I’m sitting here waiting for my life to be fixed
But I don’t recall how I ended up here
I hit the road trying to drive from my pain
But I can’t forget the one I hold dear

I spent the night once again away from bed
Visions of my failures in my head
If I wait too long I’ll lose my nerve
My car won’t start, hands won’t write, getting what I deserve

You can’t just run
Problems follow along
The City’s not so near
And You Are Here

Dreams of your past (but you are here)
Your future may be dashed (since you are here)
Wish for a Perfect Day (but you are here)
Troubles won’t go away (‘cuz you are here)
Track Name: Three More for the Road
It’s about time we leave this place
Had a good time, my smiling face
And though the crowd has started to go
I’ll have just three more–for the road

Three more for the road
Hope I’m not drunk before I go
Three more for the road
Make sure to drive real slow

I may not be stupid, but surely I’m dumb
And I’ve had so much to drink my feelings are numb
Well if you think it’s bad now, shoulda seen before
I’ll have three more ‘fore I close the door